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Serving the Domestic and International Community since 1965 bringing people and businesses together in a common goal in the development of open communication with marketing and advertising in the vast domestic and international market place and the internet market venue community since 1991.

In offering it's clients professional management and consulting of its marketing budget in reaching the targeted prospect of their products and services with a worldwide professional staff in over 50 countries. 

We have been serving the Domestic and International Business Community since 1965 in consulting services to some of the top 500 companies in the World with our unique managing  skills and marketing team associates and partnerships throughout the world in bring growth prosperity and success to our clients in there marketing, advertising, growth and expansion projects.

Covering all marketing media opportunities in the presentation of the Clients products or services worldwide in a professional and ethical manner of the highest quality of marketing presentation and commitment to the clients desires,  goals and budget restrictions. In receiving the best value for the dollar in promoting their products or services both Domestically and Internationally.


Main Office

Roxboro, N.C. USA

Associates Branch Offices

Atlanta, Ga., New York, N.Y., Los Angles, Ca., Chicago, Ill

Dallas, TX , Denver, Co., Tampa. Fl., San Francisco, Ca

Associates Overseas Branches

London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Cairo, Hong Kong

Tokyo, Manila, Sidney, Montreal, Vancouver

Please include your name and position, email address, phone number and extension, Company name, estimated marketing budget and the subject of your inquiry. Client list and references will be provided upon verified Company communication request only in writing and signed by an officer of your company we will reply to that person only unless otherwise stated! 


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